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William McLoughlin BL


Whatever your legal needs or questions are, William McLoughlin BL has got you covered. I take great pride in providing the very best legal representation. Since 2011 I have provided guidance and assistance pertaining to the unique legal circumstances of my clients throughout Ireland. Protecting, defending and enforcing your rights are my goal.

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Contract Review

Data Protection Law (GDPR)

Working on some of the biggest data breach claims in Ireland

If you were subject to a data breach, or received a letter stating you were, you may be entitled to compensation for a 'data protection action' (compensation for breach of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018).

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Personal Injury Law

Representing With Respect

I’ve been practicing Personal Injury Law for over 10 years and my clients can count on my expertise to manage the complexities of a case. 

I also specialise in data protection in personal injuries (i.e. when private investigators record clients) and also chronic-pain & fibromyalgia cases. I am sometimes brought in as second Counsel on chronic-pain & fibromyalgia cases due to the complexities involved in these medical conditions. I also secured the first cannabis licence (THC) for chronic pain in Ireland.

Speaking with the Judge

Judicial Review

Simplifying complex legal problems

I’ve been involved in numerous cases in challenging the State to protect client's rights. Including overturning the ban on gay men donating blood, challenging planning decisions based on energy efficiency ratings and a right to light, enforcing a transman's right to be registered as a parent to his child, challenging the Data Protection Commission for not investigating complaints and challenging Social Welfare over the eligibility criteria for the Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

I believe you have to enforce a client's right in order to protect it.

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Planning Law

Proven Record

This includes pre-planning applications, local authority applications, appeals to An Bord Pleanála and judicial review of planning decisions. 

The earlier in the planning process you get proper legal advice the easier it is to pre-empt any objections or grounds to object, and prevent or set-up a legal challenge (depending on what the client wants).

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Employment Law

From employment contract advices to suing or defending unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal and or bullying and harassment cases, William McLoughlin BL can assist with aspects of the employment relationship.

Right to Light / Easements

Protecting property rights by enforcement. Often property rights can be lost if not enforced, especially when it comes to problems with neighboring properties (e.g. blocking sunlight).


Helping to protect your good name and reputation from unjust attack. To someone defamed, often the only way to vindicate their reputation is to take legal action.

Contract & Debt Collection

For any breach of contract there may be a wide range of options open to a client instead of pure damages/money. Sometimes a client may want a declaration from the court or an injunction compelling the other party to comply with the contract.

Professional Negligence

Covers all ranges of professional negligence, including medical and legal professionals. where a professional fails in their duty to provide their service to an acceptable standard.

Unusual legal problems

For those complex or difficult legal cases, I can often provide unusual solutions to give clients options where none previously existed. For example, I secured the first cannabis (THC) licence for chronic pain in Ireland or used a Building Energy Ratings Certificate to challenge An Bord Pleanála.

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Feel Free to Get in Touch

Please note that for certain legal work I would need to be instructed by a solicitor but feel free to contact me.

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DX 814 235, Law Library, Four Courts, Dublin

087 780 1480

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Feel free to contact me but please note that for legal representation or court work I may need to be instructed by your solicitor. I can refer you to a solicitor if needs be.

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